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Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

♡ The Versatile Blogger Award + some recent coords ♡

It's me again! ah ye we're in 2014 and I haven't blogged since summer ^^'
I'm alive, but simply didn't really know what to write about.
(I mean something somebody would acctually be reading)

Well today's topic is the Versatile Blogger Award :3
The lovely Julia tagged me, thanks a lot ! <3 You gave me a reason to blog again haha
(pls check out her blog! She's amazing ♥)

First of all the rules for this award:
♥Thank the person who nominated you
♥Include a link to their blog
♥Nominate 15 blogs
♥Write down 7 facts about you

Now the list of the blogs I'll nominate ^_^
Xiahs Dragon Empress (aka Soulmatesis ^^)

7 out of 15 ^^'  oh well .. I'm not an active blogger so I'm not really in the community. Everybody who feels like doing this tag: pls feel tagged ^-~
7 facts about meee~ 

1. I'm a little scared about my future atm.
   I'll graduate in less than 6 months so finals are knocking on my door (pls wish me luck) and even
   worse"whatever comes afterwards". I'd love to study either media communication or nutritional 
   sciences and this means I'll move out from my home ;_; It's not that I feel like I cannot live on my
   own  which I definitily can but it'll be a huuuuge change (and changes are scary ^^')
2. Each time around Christmas I start knitting.
    It's realxing and knitted socks are like the warmest thing ever.
    My mum taught me knitting when I was very young and I hope to do the same to my kid later :)

3. I like to structure things.
    Somehow it helps me to organize and plan my stuff. Wether it is writing down
    what I want to do or only spending a few minutes on thinking about it.
    It's not that I'm a unsptanous person but having everything in order is better xD

4. I hate crime series. 
    CSI, FBI, The Follwer .. it doesn't matter each of them bores me to death ^^'. My host family
    in Ireland used to watch them every evening and so I would always go to bed super early
    to surf on the net because I coulnd't stand it.

5. I've recently decided to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.
    This actually came from my wish to lose some weight, but after counting calories
    and getting more and more into nutrition I learned about the trend of "clean eating"
     it became fun and now I only care about  health and how I look in the mirror
     and not about the number on my scale.
6. My greatest weakness is not being able to take pressure from other people.
    Wether it is from people i know or complete strangers. Some just give of this totally
     threatening vibe eg when they rage about what I should do (it's hard to describe ^^')
     My problem is that I constantly start crying :(

7.  If I could get a new color for my room it would be pink.
     When my room was renovated I choosed red, because I somehow though I couldn't
      seriously live in a pink room. Now I'd love it XD

It's a mix out of random and personal facts. Maybe it's interesting? ^^'
and the 2nd promised topic: some phootos :) 
hope you like them. Most of them are taken by Julia and some by my boyfriend ^^

See you next time! 

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Hanami 2013 - very late ehe (シ_ _)シ

Hello dear readers,
have not been blogging for a while again cuz I was simply too
busy with school stuff >___< sorryy
Although Hanami was a few weeks ago I wanna share some photos with you :)

It was such a great day together with Ducky, Julia, Liz and my boyfriend Marc ♡
Ducky stayed overnight so we could get there together ... ahh we had a great dorama evening
watching Koizora  (。┰ω┰。)
oh my gosh cried rivers ehe ^^' it's one of the saddest storys I know and the soundtrack is beautiful!

Back to topic !  (´ω`★)
We went to the train station where honey would pick us up and bring us to the hanami.
The park is beautiful!
Sadly not many sakura trees were blooming but luckily we were able to find two single bushes for
a little shoot :)
So here we go:

love this pic haha

Liz at work ^-^ (my cam died when i wanted to take a real outfit photo ;_;)

noming a cookie and being happy XD

beautiful my melody bag <3

couple pic *giggles*

Julia wore her brand new Milk-chan JSK !! she looks faboulus!!!!
beautiful nail art and wonderful rings :3

Cannot wait for next year  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

See ya next time ^-^/


Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Trip to Düsseldorf and Liebster-award ! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Hello to all those cuties out there!
Last weekend I went to Düsseldorf with some friends. There's a large district filled with japanese shops so of course we had to go there :)
It took us like 4 hours to get there but it was definitily worth it <3 I had so much fun :)
Time for some photos ♡

aww this is so cute ^-^ Doughnut on a journey :p

we had sushi for lunch. Everybody was so hungry after we arrived ^^' njom :3

Lolita-senpai Liza ♥ she looks so dolly

totally  adore Yvonne's Alice and the Pirates fur cap ! it looks great on her

time frooooozeee :'D  Ducky is the coolest <3

wore my squirrel Party JSK

that set is totally cute !!

of course we had to take Puris :)

Beautiful Julia ! i love her wig!

such a wonderful coord <33

Lolita friends  (´ ▽`).。o♡

It was a wonderful day with my friends! Thanks to everyone  ヽ(;▽;)ノ

According to the blogtitle there's a second part in this entry,huh? here we go!
Franzi  nominated  me <3

The rules for accepting the award are:

  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you
  • Ask 11 questions to the bloggers that you nominate
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers (they must have less than 200 followers) and link their blogs in your post
  • Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've won !!!  
11 facts:
  1. I'm overly enthusiastic about live.It already hurts 
  2. I'd like to be a butterfly next live.
  3. I hope to try more japanese fashion styles in the future such as fairy kei or gyaru.
  4. I'm a crybaby.
  5.  My sign is pisces and my arobas is libra
  6. I'm superstitious
  7. I'm bad at making up lies
  8. Currently  listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Ninjari Bang Bang" 
  9. A weekend without hanging out with my Best Friend totally sucks!
  10. Insecurity is one of my greatest enemys
  11. My first thing to do in the morning is looking at my phone 

LadyJuice' questions: 

      1. What's your favorite internet site???
Twitter  ღ I met my one and only soulmatesister, spent so many happy times on it ^-^ Twitter is

     2. Do you have a favorite song??? If so, what is it???My forever fav. song is DBSK's Balloons! Such a cute song,which teaches us to keep our hidden child.

      3. What makes you happy/sad???Happy: Hanging out with friends,watching a romance on tv ... etc :D ah there are so many things,which make me happy ^^'
Sad: Being neglected,ignored or forgotten by ppl I treasure a lot

      4. What is your favorite place to relax???My fav place to relax is my bed xD It's comfy + I can just let all the stress slip

      5.If you could change into any animal, what would it be and why???hmm that's difficult.. i guess it'd be a buttefly.I could go whereever I wanted to,just dance in the sky and smell freedom.
       6. Where is your dream job???
I don't have sth. like a dream job yet.. when I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer and I still do think it might be fun,but in the end I need to keep searching for my future profession

      7.Which country do you like better: Japan, England, Italy, Spain or Russia???           And why???
Definitily Japan! Even though I never visited Japan it has grown on me for the past years. I liked visiting England and Spain,but none of them fascinated me as Japan did.
Well.. and about Italy and Russia: Don't know much about this two countries ^^'

       8. Where to get your inspiration from ???
my friends,my mother and random ppl on the internet

       9. What is your main hobby???
 oh i'm not a sportitive person.. my main hobby are my friends i guess (wow soounds stupid xD)
I like to enjoy time together.. other than that it's music and fashion ^^
        10. What is your favorite onlineshop??? And why???As the poor paypal-less person I am it's hard for me to order stuff online but as I have to name one.. bodyline ^^ 
        11.What is your fashion style???
My style is not that special so it might be a little boring ^^ i'd classify it as a mix of cute and pastell stuff.. floral prints...yeah :D

My Questions:
  1. Who/What can never fail to make u smile?
  2. If someone would grant you three wishes,what would you wish for?
  3. If you could be any character in a movie,who would you be?
  4. Which session is your favourite and why?
  5. Photoaddicted or photolazy ?
  6. Which type of person can totally make you mad?
  7. Do you have a funny habit,if yes which?
  8. When was the last time you cried?
  9. What are your plans for the next ten years?
  10. Do you watch anime? /What is your favourite anime?
  11. Which fashion style do you like best?

dadadaaaam most important ... THE  NOMINEEES yay ^_^

Soulmatesis ->  http://xiahsdragonempress.wordpress.com/
CrazyMai -> http://xcrazymai.blogspot.de/
Christin -> http://howsoonisnowchristin.blogspot.de/
StrawberryChamber -> http://strawberrychamber.blogspot.de/
Plastiqpop -> http://www.plastiqpop.de/
MagicalIceCream -> http://fuckthesparkles.blogspot.de/
Guidance -> http://guidance-and-the-invisible-crown.blogspot.de/

( I don't do 11 cuz many have been tagged just some time ago and I guess they wouldn't be interested in doing the tag over and over again  (〃・・〃))

 and last but not least .. i recently created an instagram acc: http://instagram.com/_chiisai_/
Hope you enjoyed my little update ♡
please stay happy!
See ya next time,

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Fanaccount: XIA Junsu in Germany 30.11.12 ☆

it's been a while again..But school was killing me and so there was really no time :/
ah i'm a bad blogger  ^^'
Well today's topic: XIA Junsu in Oberhausen aka best day of 2012

just beforehead: since my camera failed many pictures are form my Soulmatesis <3   pls also look at her Fannacc m(._.)mアリガト

Okay I shall begin at the start,ne?
It's called the journey of fails ..
I got into the train right after school and just as I know from our "trustworthy" traincompany Deutsche Bahn... there was a 30 minute delay ..so i missed my train which would finnaly take me to Oberhausen after all this time..
I rushed around and totally panicked since we were late even if we were on time 
Soulmatesis and her dad waited for me and at 6 pm we arrived at the hotel. 30 more minutes till the venue would be open... unni once forgot our tickets and this was when we came up with the term "journey of fails"
oh and seriously there were no signs where to go at all.. we had to search like 15 minutes till we finnaly found the crowd! (already partying :'D) 
We joined the line as the last ones  (we thought) but another 40 minutes passed and we weren't the last ones anymore.. by far i'd say!
There were two girls who came with a taxi and screamed/hugged each other after they arrived XD 
ahh I was sooo excited and kept saying "omg i wanna go inside" "soon we'll see Junsu" 
Mianh~ to Soulmatesis and her appa ^^'
but okay ..

 btw here's a photo of me infornt of our hotel :) --> wearing a xia sign in my hair
randomly holding up my ticket <3

finnaly we entered the venue <33 here's the merch :D for unni and me it was just too black ^^' we didn't buy anything.. though it might fit the album's theme ..  

after an other fail (concert ppl forgot to give us the first row bands -.- ) we sat down.
ahh so many fans from every country <3
this was the screen -> we were staring at it for a while but nothing happened ...

time to arrange our lightsticks and bracelets ;)
unni bought so many wahhh .. we waved #LikeaBoss

we waited a bit and then Tarantallegra mv began to play! oh my gosh :'D we sang along and shouted "hey" at the parts the random rapper sings "hey what music will you listen to"
ah and afterwards they played this
bwahah from now on I ship Junsu x Junsu ! the crowd was partying so hard but then nothing happened for a while! What to do? shouting of course!
1. Kim Junsu Kim Junsu
2. Xia Xia Xia Xia
3. Saranghae Saranghae
4. Bambaya Bambaya
Omg i guess phoenix members started with the last one! haha

I'm sure Junsu was laughing his ass off... and then he entered stage *q*
I wont recall every single songs since it would be boring to write "oh my god sun he was amazing" all the time.
I already got the songlist from the net and could always tell which song would be next :3
Just enjoyed every single moment!
Never partied as hard as when Junsu sang "Set me Free"
We saw Intoxication dance live...
ah and Genie Time was especially funny !
for his first wish Junsu called up a boy named Caan. He wanted to dance Tarantallegra dance with Oppa ... aw he was really cute and firstly said " but i'm not sure if I can do well" ^^
heck he was really impressive! Junsu afterwards wanted to know where he learned it .. (in cute engrish) *giggles*
he huggled him and shacked his hand for like 3 times xD
Cute cute~
second wish was singing a song and last one was "Angel Xiah"
ppl couldn't decide at first and then everybody just started to shout! oppa said the boys should close their eyes ( pointing at Caan) and the reporters too!
Tadaaa~ Angel Xiah!!
yes unni managed to take a photo!!

random pics of Junsu <3

Uncommited blue ocean was a huge success <3
it was just heaven <3
The moment which was the most touching was when Junsu sang "tree covered in dew".
Snow (aka paper) & glitter fell from ceiling and I just hugged Unni! It felt like time stopped...
It was "magical" ... I still cannot listen to this song without crying ^^' (bursted out into tears in the train)
Also Junsu cried at the end. He liked us singing along and was happy about being here <3

I wanna go back! nyahh~
it was 2012's best day! Unni's father also enjoyed it a lot btw :) he even chanted along haha
unni and me shared a room and kept talking for hours .. (and ended up comparing stans to terrorists *cough*)

I guess there's nothing more to add.. Thanks to Junsu <3 please come back next year.

I wish everyone a  merry christmas <3