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Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Fanaccount: XIA Junsu in Germany 30.11.12 ☆

it's been a while again..But school was killing me and so there was really no time :/
ah i'm a bad blogger  ^^'
Well today's topic: XIA Junsu in Oberhausen aka best day of 2012

just beforehead: since my camera failed many pictures are form my Soulmatesis <3   pls also look at her Fannacc m(._.)mアリガト

Okay I shall begin at the start,ne?
It's called the journey of fails ..
I got into the train right after school and just as I know from our "trustworthy" traincompany Deutsche Bahn... there was a 30 minute delay ..so i missed my train which would finnaly take me to Oberhausen after all this time..
I rushed around and totally panicked since we were late even if we were on time 
Soulmatesis and her dad waited for me and at 6 pm we arrived at the hotel. 30 more minutes till the venue would be open... unni once forgot our tickets and this was when we came up with the term "journey of fails"
oh and seriously there were no signs where to go at all.. we had to search like 15 minutes till we finnaly found the crowd! (already partying :'D) 
We joined the line as the last ones  (we thought) but another 40 minutes passed and we weren't the last ones anymore.. by far i'd say!
There were two girls who came with a taxi and screamed/hugged each other after they arrived XD 
ahh I was sooo excited and kept saying "omg i wanna go inside" "soon we'll see Junsu" 
Mianh~ to Soulmatesis and her appa ^^'
but okay ..

 btw here's a photo of me infornt of our hotel :) --> wearing a xia sign in my hair
randomly holding up my ticket <3

finnaly we entered the venue <33 here's the merch :D for unni and me it was just too black ^^' we didn't buy anything.. though it might fit the album's theme ..  

after an other fail (concert ppl forgot to give us the first row bands -.- ) we sat down.
ahh so many fans from every country <3
this was the screen -> we were staring at it for a while but nothing happened ...

time to arrange our lightsticks and bracelets ;)
unni bought so many wahhh .. we waved #LikeaBoss

we waited a bit and then Tarantallegra mv began to play! oh my gosh :'D we sang along and shouted "hey" at the parts the random rapper sings "hey what music will you listen to"
ah and afterwards they played this
bwahah from now on I ship Junsu x Junsu ! the crowd was partying so hard but then nothing happened for a while! What to do? shouting of course!
1. Kim Junsu Kim Junsu
2. Xia Xia Xia Xia
3. Saranghae Saranghae
4. Bambaya Bambaya
Omg i guess phoenix members started with the last one! haha

I'm sure Junsu was laughing his ass off... and then he entered stage *q*
I wont recall every single songs since it would be boring to write "oh my god sun he was amazing" all the time.
I already got the songlist from the net and could always tell which song would be next :3
Just enjoyed every single moment!
Never partied as hard as when Junsu sang "Set me Free"
We saw Intoxication dance live...
ah and Genie Time was especially funny !
for his first wish Junsu called up a boy named Caan. He wanted to dance Tarantallegra dance with Oppa ... aw he was really cute and firstly said " but i'm not sure if I can do well" ^^
heck he was really impressive! Junsu afterwards wanted to know where he learned it .. (in cute engrish) *giggles*
he huggled him and shacked his hand for like 3 times xD
Cute cute~
second wish was singing a song and last one was "Angel Xiah"
ppl couldn't decide at first and then everybody just started to shout! oppa said the boys should close their eyes ( pointing at Caan) and the reporters too!
Tadaaa~ Angel Xiah!!
yes unni managed to take a photo!!

random pics of Junsu <3

Uncommited blue ocean was a huge success <3
it was just heaven <3
The moment which was the most touching was when Junsu sang "tree covered in dew".
Snow (aka paper) & glitter fell from ceiling and I just hugged Unni! It felt like time stopped...
It was "magical" ... I still cannot listen to this song without crying ^^' (bursted out into tears in the train)
Also Junsu cried at the end. He liked us singing along and was happy about being here <3

I wanna go back! nyahh~
it was 2012's best day! Unni's father also enjoyed it a lot btw :) he even chanted along haha
unni and me shared a room and kept talking for hours .. (and ended up comparing stans to terrorists *cough*)

I guess there's nothing more to add.. Thanks to Junsu <3 please come back next year.

I wish everyone a  merry christmas <3

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Review: Melty Wish Jewelry ♡

Hello to all those lovely people behind their computer screens !  。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。
I'm glad you found my little blog!
Today i'm going to do a little review on the jewelry shop Melty Wish 
  " Kawaii hand-made jewelry from two cute girls, own designed and made with love.All is unique, you can't get one thing twice only a simmilar one. Inspiered by japanese streetfashion, great for Fairy Kei, Lolita & Pop Kei. Made by LizJuice and LadyJuice ~ "

So let's start by taking a look at my items :)

1: brass gold necklace

I really love it! It's simple yet adds a sophisticated touch to an all day outfit.
The little bows make it even cuter and  the pendant puts off a kind of fairytail-ish effect,which I absolutely love! Never found a similar design so i had to get it immediately!
It's comfy to wear though the little "cookie" tends to turn around at times.

Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

 2: Flower Necklace

This is the next item! ^-^ As you can see a very detailed design. It's not visibele on the photos but the pendant and little pearls are slightly glittering <3
The colours are beautiful and match so well. To me mint and pastel pink
are just meant to be together and by adding the lavender this necklace just got
it's special touch. Same as the necklace before I never had problems like a brocken clip or a
lost pendant.

Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

 3: Creamy ribbon ring:

This is a relativily big ring but nonethenless light as a feather!
it got pastell pink cream on it,which is decorated with a varioustiy of different pearls and a white ribbon. I especially like the combination of pearls and sequins. Some are bigger,some are smaller and there are even a few heardshaped ones.
When i'm bored in class I use to toy around with it and explore it haha (^v^)
Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

4: white pearl bracelet

This is an item I felt for at first sight ^^ This bracelet is made of different pearls,which shimmer fantastically! The pendant is a white heart with cream and again those sequins thingies, I love :) Two heart shaped and two normal ones.
It's elastic so you can just slip in and wont notice any clips scrubing on your skin.
Just like the pieces before it's well made and I needn't be scared the "rubber band" (or what ever the pearls are reared on) might tear apart.

Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

(ah it's getting boring xD)

5: earrings with a heart pendant

As you can see i've got an addiction for white x pastell pink. Here we are again!
You might remember the white bows from my ring. They look great!
further down there is a white pearl and then the heart pendant doused with pastell pink "sauce" ^^
Again slightly glittering!
Also a thing concerning earrings: Some tend to be to heavy but this is definitly not true for this
ones. I barely feel them while wearing.

Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

6:black heart shaped ribbon ring

This is the first item i got from Melty Wish! The design is super cute. Two heart shaped sequins, blue/pink glittering details and a pink polka doted bow!
It goes with almost any outfit of your choice.
Also it is really robust xD I once sat on it and there was no damage.

Design: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

 I'm happy with every single thing i bough from Melty Wish ! Their jewellry fits perfectly for  Decora, Fairy Kei or Lolita but also spices up boring all day outfits.                                                       I get a lot of compliments when I wear it!
Simply cannot stop buying and buying :'D
Also Melty Wish's service is great! You get some helpful advice when you got problems deciding, but can also get your own designs. Just ask the girls and they will convert your little idea of an item into reality ( ⌒o⌒)
I cannot really say something concerning the prices for my stuff since i simply forgot about them,but it's really not much for this awesome jewellry ^^ always between 1,50 - 25 € if i'm not mistaken.
 Well.. nothing more to add i guess :)

Visit MeltyWish
          and also the designers  personal blogs ---> LizJuice and LadyJuice

That's it for today lovelys  ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Please have a wonderful day!


Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

ღ NiCon 2012 ღ

Welcome once again! ~ *:.。. .。.:*・

This weekend I went to the Nicon! (german Anime & Mangaconvention)
I had a really great time with awesome ppl~ <3


 I wore my Asahina Mikuru Cosplay :33


At 2:15 pm I met up with my friends  Julia and Dennis and then headed to the Con.
A really short ride cuz we all live near Hannover. This is where the NiCon is hosted every year ^-^
and nooww~ it's phootootime ^-^ Here we go! Just going to comment on each one 

lovely Franzi wearing an awesome outfit! great looking,right? °◇°

 quick snap while talking ^-^  Dennis being Dennis <3 ●⌒∇⌒●
Ghostbusters!!!! That photo is so cool!  

After taking a glance at all the rooms and marvel at Franzi's and Liza's super cute jewellery,which they were selling at the Con, Julia, Liza and me went out for a little photoshooting ^-^
Weather was kinda shitty and there was no real good background but those beauties *points downwards* enlightened the rainy sky with their colourfully sparkling outfits ^___^

Liza wearing her wonderful Angelic Pretty Magic whip jsk <3
Julia is wearing muuuch Melty Wish jewellery (more about that brand in my next entry ^-^)


annd one last photo of the Melty Wish Jewellery stall *q*

 We spent a lot of time in the Gamesroom and just when we were gaming I spotted  Suika !!! ^__^ I  asked her for an autograph :3 
She sang at about 21:00 and fortunately I was able to watch at least a bit of her show. Definitily enjoyed it!
Go suika :D

 That's Saturday so far ^-^

Felt like falling asleep right in the train xD We missed the one we actually wanted to take and therefore spend one hour at the train station. uwahh~ such a long but fantastical day <3


We had to get up really early on Sunday! Why? somehow we came up with the idea of participating in an anime quiz o.o Well.. it started at 11:30 am and so everybody met at 10:15 am rubbing their eyes cuz it was so early.
That's what I wore btw 
played with my puri app <3

11:15!  everybody already regreted  joining that quiz due to lack of knowledge about anime and degree of difficulty the questions would have xD
Nonethenless  Team Apfelkuchen (applepie) which consisted of Julia,Dennis,Franzi and me sat next to 3 other teams at 11:30 am    (*´∀`*) 
Hell~... those questions really were something... don't wanna be mean but only real "freaks" can know the answers o.O
Correspondingly our score was low. At least we scored some points ^^ and all in all the quiz was fun

now it's time for photoos~ ^-^/ 

Liza and Franzi <3 again with gorgeous outfits!!
Liza and me :) i'm somehow unable to keep my eyes open on photos o.O ehh  
This time it's Liza and the Ghosbusters :'D

The Con ended at 4 pm so there was sadly not that much time left after the quiz. It was again time for gaming. DDR,Guitar Hero and Para Para Paradise ( played wrongly by us xD)
We were about to leave but still needed to attend the final speech cuz we had to get our "price" (for the anime quiz)
Well... if we'd have been one of the teams who scored more points ...
it really sucked.. they called us up to the stage then told us that we lost and send us off. Afterwards all the other teams went up and got their prices :/ it was kinda mean ...

Anyways... we left and had some food together <3
Afterwards it was already time to say goodbye T_T
Seeing nice ppl only rarely sucks so much! *sigh*
Everybody went home and a really cool Con WE came to it's end!

Here's what i brought home ^^ somehow not much :p

I hope you enjoy my little entry :)
See you next time again *chu chu*

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

wanna make some cookies ? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hello everybody ~  ∩( ・ω・)∩
My best friend turned 17 yesterday and since I didn't want to stick to a lame cake (lame!? how on earth can a cake be lame... well whatever... *pls insert nonsense blabla right here*)
...... I decided to make cookies <333
american cookies to be precise!
Each time I brought them everybody liked them so I'm going to share the recipe here :)

What you'll need for approximately 20 cookies:
280g flour
250g butter
100g brown sugar
130g sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pk vanilla sugar
150g dark chocolate (either chocolate drops or sprinkles or whatever ^^)
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Let's get started! ~ <3

Step 1:
Mix buter,white sugar,brown sugar and  salt.
Don't be lazy! 
Don't stop mixing until you've got a creamy texture ;)

Step 2:
Add the eggs and vanilla sugar.
One egg after another in order to get a fluffy soft dough.Mixing is the key again ^^

Step 3:
Get the flour and sieve it.
Then take some flour apart and mix it with a tablespoon of baking powder

Step 4:
Now add the flour....tablespoon by tablespoon.
The flour-baking powder mixture comes at last! 。◕‿◕。

Step 5:
Add cacao powder and chocolate drops.
Afterwards you should have a delicious tasting dough (don't dare to lie! nobody is able to resest eating cookie dough  )   ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
 ah and of course a hell of a mess in your kitchen ;)

Step 6:
Preheat the oven ( 190 °) and place the dough in little heaps on your baking sheet.
(maximum is 8 per sheet because they'll become biiiiigg :'D)
Take them out after 8-9 minutes.The edges should be brownish while the center should
be very soft.

tadaaa the result ---> some super-duper tasting cookies <3

 Obviously step 6 is repeated until all the dough is gone.
 ah and be careful when taking them off the baking sheet.They are fragile!!!

Step 7:
Clean up the kitchen XD

Step 8:
Eat all the cookies on your own and get faaaattt xDDD .
 .heck I want to go below 100 lbs (45 kg) so bad but I just cannot overcome my chocolate addiction ... well whatever 

Heyy! we're done!
Easy,wasn't it?
but a thing to mention before ending this entry! 
That recipe is not mine.It's from 
"Süße Versuchung" ----> here you can find her original recipe 

Hope everybody is going to check by here again<3 

Hugs and Kisses thrown at everyone by _Chiisai_ 

Selca of the day?  

Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Nice to meet everybody ^-^

Hello dear Blogreader <3
I'm glad you stumbled upon my small blog which was born just now <3

I'm Cynthia and will start to post about my life and things which just concern me or seem to be interesting from now on ^-^

That's it for now ~ <3

Hope to see you here next time
*gives everyone a cookie*
Eat well!